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Words of usResults driven professional in Training and Development. Skilled at developing and executing targeted business initiatives that drive bottom-line profits. Highly effective communicator and team leader with proven ability to build long-term relationships by establishing a high level of confidence and trust. Experience developing training for all levels of an organization. Experienced in manufacturing, warehouse, and customer service environments. Analyzed needs and then developed training or interventions for that need.

While I am in a career transition. I’m also using my site to do contract training. Please read my blog, check out my resume or contact me for developing your employees.

    Affordable leadership development for your management team
  • All classes are practical instruction that drive home essential skills needed for any leader
  • Cost effective - A lot of value for a small investment
  • In-depth training on specific topics of high relevance
  • Practical tools and concepts
  • Essential information that you can put to use right away

I’m convinced that the best way to do training is in short spurts. We present short high impact management sessions. Give the learner a chance to use the new skill, follow up with reinforcement a few weeks later, and then keep building on the foundation.

Our mission is to increase a leader’s value to their organization by improving their management skills and capabilities.

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